Finance :

The financial services market relies heavily on cutting-edge technology to gather large amounts of information and execute lightning-fast transactions. Firms in this sector are willing to invest large sums on financial services software products that will enable them to make smarter business decisions.

Smartwave has worked with both financial services firms and leading financial software vendors to deliver innovative wealth management and investment solutions. Together with our clients, we have developed financial software solutions for the following areas:

  • Financial consulting and advising
  • Financial analysis and business reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management

Health care :

Healthcare, In IT is a quickly growing industry sector with huge opportunities and increasing competitive pressures. Healthcare software development vendors and in-house IT departments must keep up with an up to date technology and regulatory landscape to stay ahead of the around. Especially critical is the ability to provide integration and exchange between multiple systems, as well as multiple methods of access to data (e.g., internal networks, Web and mobile devices, etc.).

smartwave have the ability to develop healthcare software products that are robust, reliable and fully compliant with regulatory standards,as well as the latest technologies to provide full lifecycle services

To rapidly and cost-effectively provide healthcare software development and support services, smartwave have the experience in desktop and Web application design, UI design and implementation, data exchange protocols, scalability, security implementation and performance tuning. We also deployed some of our developes application included below:

Education :

e-Learning is any learning that utilizes electronics devices like computer/PDA/Mobile and/or utilizes a network (LAN, WAN or Internet) for delivery, interaction, or facilitation. It can be synchronous, asynchronous, instructor-led or computer-based or a combination. smartwave has developed technology, tools, programs, and solutions to help address education challenges while improving teaching and learning opportunities.

smartwaves’s experience in the Education market encompasses development of information systems to support e-Learning services, critical operations of higher education and custom content delivery.smartwave has in-depth e-Learning domain expertise & provides custom e-Learning software solutions & e-learning software product development for both Classroom education & Workplace training.

Manufacturing :

Today's manufacturers must decrease their production time and deliver high quality products at a lower cost. By adopting efficient production methods manufacturers can meet the demand for products faster and more cost effectively than the competition. The Smartwave Manufacturing Software helps companies increase plant efficiency, lower costs, optimize resources, reduce cycle times, control product cost and quality, simplify production, and manage their shop floor. Smartwave Manufacturing Software integrates standard manufacturing functions with Customer Order Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and General Ledger as a part of a complete manufacturing software solution.

smartwave Technologies is a provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for the manufacturing, distribution and retail industries. Our manufacturing, distribution, and financial accounting software solutions are complete, integrated, full featured business solutions. At Smartwave Technologies we understand that your business needs are very different than other organizations. We are an enterprise software partner committed to serving our customers with proven enterprise business software solutions that meet their mission-critical needs. Smartwave Technologies provides a complete ERP solution from financials to manufacturing to distribution to retail. Our enterprise software solutions are molded to meet your specific needs.

Our Application modules establish an integrated information infrastructure encompassing accounting, payroll, sales, purchasing, inventory management, costing, shop floor control, quality management, capacity planning, and material requirements planning. This plays a critical role in boosting productivity and lowering costs.

Utilities :

Smartwave is the only company that provides complete geospatial infrastructure management and operations software for electric, gas, water, pipeline, utility, and communications companies. Our solutions address all aspects of network and infrastructure management – from design, planning, analysis and construction through smart grid operations and maintenance. We provide you with a suite of industry specific solutions to address work design, network asset management, outage management, and integrated mobile work force management.

Whether you are an electricity provider looking for better ways to increase response times to unexpected outages or you are a natural gas provider looking for ways to extend your service range, Intergraph's utility GIS solutions offer the comprehensive capabilities you need, helping you power smarter decisions for your organization.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Mobile Workforce Management
  • Electric Infrastructure Management
  • IT System Support
  • Water Infrastructure Management

Entertainment :

Today markets are global, and consisting of billions of people.The businesses in which the company is currently engaged is Online Social Video Gaming. It is the smartwave's goal to enter the Entertainment Media and TV On Demand Networks business. Additionally, smartwave is not starting from scratch, but many of the pillars of the foundation necessary to enter into these businesses are already in place and in operation.

Our each of these projects is being implemented by a division within the company that is headed up by executives with both experience and success in each of these respective industries.

Publishing :

Mobile space is rife with the advent of new Smartphone OS like the iOS and Android OS. The changing business landscape demands enterprises to respond to market changes and customers’ needs more rapidly. This is compelling them to take strategic mobile initiatives aimed at increasing an enterprise’s productivity.

Recently a Sybase Survey by Kenton Research highlighted that this year 21% of IT Managers surveyed are looking to introduce 20+ Mobile Applications into their organizations.

Enterprise app development has the potential to improve all parts of the business, including monitoring the effectiveness of your sales team, creating inspiring brochure ware for your customers, reporting on faults within the production line, understanding the financial health of each department or saving on printing costs. Think of a problem and there’s an app that can be developed internally to help resolve that issue.

An Enterprise Mobility Strategy should encompass both internal-facing as well as external-facing applications.

Travel Industry :

Smartwave is the expert in develop software for the travel industry. Our business concept is to provide a one vendor solution for all technological needs of current system. using it users can manage their direct inventory contracts via a user friendly mid office system, easily integrate to 3rd party suppliers for travel content, and sell these inventories via multiple distribution channels: B2C, B2B and Corporate business.The system is provided as a service and the modularization of the system enables users to easily add product offerings based on client’s business requirements.

So if you are a travel company, resort, travel agency, consolidator or travel advisor, we can provide software solutions to provide you the technological edge that you need to beat your competition. Your experience in your industry combined with our robust technology will give you the tools and power to skyrocket your business over the internet.

Advantege having travel Web Portal:

A web site gives different adventure tours like trekking, ballooning, rafting, etc. Site visitors can select and view the desired tours, search for tours according to the criteria specified (region, adventure type, cost, terms of the trip) and order the tour of choice. It is also possible to subscribe to periodically sent newsletters. Upon registration the Sales Agents are allowed to view the tour prices. The web site has a special option for Sales Agents.