Enterprise Mobility

Native Mobile Application :

Screens are small, apps are big, and life as we know it is on its head again. In a world that's increasingly social and open, mobile apps play a vital role, and have changed the focus from what's on the Web, to the apps on our mobile device. Mobile apps are no longer an option, they're an imperative. You need a mobile app, but where do you start?

Mobile space is rife with the advent of new Smartphone OS like the iOS and Android OS. The changing business landscape demands enterprises to respond to market changes and customers’ needs more rapidly. This is compelling them to take strategic mobile initiatives aimed at increasing an enterprise’s productivity.

Enterprise app development has the potential to improve all parts of the business, including monitoring the effectiveness of your sales team, creating inspiring brochure ware for your customers, reporting on faults within the production line, understanding the financial health of each department or saving on printing costs. Think of a problem and there’s an app that can be developed internally to help resolve that issue.

An Enterprise Mobility Strategy should encompass both internal-facing as well as external-facing applications.

Mobile UI Design :

Web application technology reduces the cost of creating multiplatform applications. Developers can create applications that run on mobile platforms that differ in development technology, user interface style, input mechanisms, display form factor, size, and resolution. To design applications that are easy to use, and that integrate well across diverse platforms and devices, you need to consider several factors beyond conventional web applications and native mobile applications. This article explores the usability challenges of the mobile web, and provides several best practices for designing mobile web applications.

User Interaction is very critical for the mobile application designers and developers to provide good interaction mechanism which can be achieved by handling multi modal inputs and laying out the information architecture. Creation of high level information architecture needs to be done followed by low fidelity sketches and wireframes to ensure that all requirements are captured. This information should allow developers to think about how user would interact with the interface from functional perspective, proving that, the mobile user interface designs that the designers create isn’t just a pretty face.

Mobile Web Services :

Mobile web services currently form one of the most promising approaches to apply wellestablished service-oriented concepts to mobile environments. Especially the emergence of respective mobile middleware systems leads to a rather ubiquitous availability of information and enables new personalized and context-based services for private consumers as well as for business applications.

Today our company try to enable a customized design of mobile web service applications, to allow interoperability with more than one service consumer or provider and to access services dynamically, this section presents an adaptable web service architecture for mobile devices.

By use of a customized configuration of protocols and technologies, this architecture can be tailored according to the requirements of the respective mobile application and its users by our company, please take a watch on our developed application listed below.

Mobile web Application Development :

Today we know about usage of mobile internet in pair with demand for mature mobile web application. Today smartphones have become much more widespread which means the web presence of your business has to be thoroughly expanded and give the users an opportunity to access your website, online store or social app through any device and browser.

At Smartwave technologies, we are very close to the peculiarities of mobile web application development, user experience (UX) design, and especially, with all challenges of UI implementation (the difference in screen size of PC and a phone; incompatibility of the format and layouts of information available on the Internet with mobile devices and etc.).

In our team members we have qualified UX professionals, Visual Designers and Software Engineers with excellent skills in HTML5 mobile development technology, CSS3, pure JavaScript programming, jQuery Mobile development, PhoneGap, jQTouch, Responsive Web and Mobile First design approaches and ASP.NET mobile web development.

Here we listed some of our application case studies, please take a watch on our developed application.

Hybrid Mobile Applications :

Using web technologies to develop native mobile applications has become a popular solution when writing applications for multiple smartphone platforms. Such applications are typically labeled as "hybrid", referring to the mix of native code and web code running inside the application. As far as development tools are concerned, different options exist for different platforms.

This technology has become an almost ideal solution for creating hybrid apps that will run on various devices with the same code and does not require redevelopment or even minor changes or updates, usually required for the implementation of an app for each specific platform.

Our experienced PhoneGap developers at AltexSoft have top skills in HTML5 and JavaScript (including jQuery Mobile) and strong proficiency in mobile user experience. They are able to build robust hybrid mobile applications for multiple devices at once. Consequently the development process can be speeded up, reducing the cost and time-to-market delivery as well as being able to access a larger audience.

Mobile Application Development :

The growing trend in the mobile based web world, the mobile phone users who access the Internet through their mobile devices are very large and still continue to growing. At the same time, the use of interactive applications on mobile devices is continuosly growing. Mobile App Development is becoming very popular due to the increasing number of customers switching to smart phones instead of classic phone. More than 36 million smart phones have been sold worldwide and Apple Store boasts of over 180,000 apps for different fields. Mobile application development is the process of developing an interactive application for mobile devices.

Smartwave technologies is the one stop solution for all your mobile application development needs. We offer professional and top-notch mobile applications on a variety of all major mobile platforms including Apple iPhone, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Windows etc. We don the role of specialists to perfection, as we build mobile applications for various industries that include Entertainment, utilities, healthcare, finance and many more applications.

We have expert team in expertise on developing custom mobile applications for mobile platforms. We have developed creative, dynamic and unique mobile applications for some of our renowned clients. We are capable to develop quality work on time with cost effectively also.