Aqua App - Bottled Water Distribution Management Software

You’ve been in the bottled water delivery industry for awhile. You have a pretty good idea of what it requires to get a success in this business. But in the past few years business has gotten a whole lot more complex. There are lots of challenges like route management, daily delivery schedule, inventory, etc… and top of all account management is very hectic and time consuming process. So have you ever thought about how much are all these inefficiencies costing your business? How much continued risk can you afford to take with outdated – or manual – systems?

SmartWave Technologies understands the bottled water industry and its unique challenges and is dedicated to providing a modern, integrated suite of bottled water distribution application. We’re committed to keeping our products in-step with customer and industry requirements so that you never need to worry about falling behind.

We Understands the Bottled Water Industry:

  • Route wise customer management
  • Cart loading for multi-customer stops
  • Multiple delivery points within a customer
  • Efficient accounting Daily/Monthly/Yearly
  • Seasonal Fluctuation
  • On demand service – emergency outage

SmartWave Technologies offers flexible and scalable route management, inventory management, customer management, worker management, sales reporting, data backup and security built on modern technology. This all functionality power up your bottled water business as per your expectation.

Key Functionality for Beverage Distribution:

  • Real-time presale and delivery applications
  • Paperless settlement transactions
  • Forecasting & inventory management at factory/route.
  • Survey management and data collection
  • Field service and asset management
  • Suggested and standing orders
  • Empties and returns management
  • Standing orders

Features of AQUA App:

  • Route Accounting Systems (RAS)
  • Inventory Management
  • Truck Load Management
  • Sales Reporting
  • Data backup & security